This blog is mostly about the creative process (and a few other things that strike my fancy). I’ll be posting things I find inspiring, what’s helped me not only in terms of craft, but stuff that helps me keep going. Every project is a different experience, which is what makes it all fun. Who am I? Among other things, an honorary Maasai. Learning a few words of Maa and drinking cow’s blood in Kenya had a lot to do with it….

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter (@Diane_Sherlock) or my website  Also please visit Annotation Nation that Kate Maruyama and I co-founded.

Written four novels: Dead WeightWillful IgnoranceGrowing Chocolate all on Amazon, plus Wrestling Alligators coming from Martin Brown Publishers, LLC. Also wrote Write To Be Heard (Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas) with Aaron Gansky to help new writers find their voice.

Wrote, produced and star in the short film, The Green Bench which is now on the festival circuit.

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